ANR/FNR Project

Security properties, process equivalences and automated verification



Most security protocol analysis tools are restricted to analyzing reachability properties while many security properties need to be expressed in terms of some process equivalence. The increasing use of observational equivalence as a modeling tool shows the need for new tools and techniques that are able to analyze such equivalence properties. The aims of this project are
  1. to investigate which process equivalences-among the plethora of existing ones-are appropriate for a given security property, system assumptions and attacker capabilities;
  2. to advance the state-of-the-art of automated verification for process equivalences, allowing for instance support for more cryptographic primitives, relevant for case studies;
  3. to study protocols that use low-entropy secrets expressed using process equivalences;
  4. to apply these results to case studies from electronic voting.


ENS Cachan

Inria Nancy

University of Luxembourg

Detailed description of the project

Submission document (May 2014)

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